Sometimes, I wonder…

Easter Sunday services today, filled with music and joy.

As part of the celebration, we were invited to participate in activities that gave us an opportunity to explore and express how we felt about Easter. I chose to write something (although I could have made a garden, created an origami butterfly, drawn a picture or reflected on the scripture). I wrote:

Sometimes, I wonder…

Did it start with a tingling at the tips of his fingers? A throbbing of blood through his veins? The first tentative heart-beat?  Was there a struggle to escape the grave cloths wound tightly around his body? A cry of relief as he tore the linen from his face?

Then, light, a faint glimmer – painful to his dark-accustomed eyes – beckoning him to the open doorway. The first stumbling steps out into the silent garden.

Suddenly, birdsong and the sun, the glorious sun, rising on a new day,  on a new world, on a new salvation.



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