Summertime…and the livin’ is easy

Here it is the last day of June, and tomorrow, the beginning of a long weekend with National celebrations on both sides of the border and the true beginning of summer. As the calendar turns over to July, there is a feeling of lightness and freedom that comes with the long, hazy days of summer, when the memories of the dark months just past fade out under the hot sun.

I find my spirit lifting at the prospect of the summer ahead of me. All the commitments of the year are put on hold – choir practices, group meetings, car pools – and the summer months stretch long and blissfully empty before me. Even the heavy gardening has been done and now I can enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Days at the beach, weekends away, even a much longed-for vacation await us, and there is so much to anticipate. On those days when the sun doesn’t shine, a quiet afternoon on the verandah, hearing the rain beating on the roof, reading the latest library best-seller, a cup of  tea at my elbow.

Summer is a time of refreshing and rejuvenating. Freed from the restrictions of dealing with ice and snow, cold wintry blasts and bone-chilling temperatures, I stretch and take a deep breath and allow myself the luxury of “being”. I try to enjoy every moment – the call of the mourning doves in the woods, the smell of the pine trees under hot sun, the feel of grass under my bare feet, the touch of a breeze on the back of my neck. I want to have this to remember in the dark winter nights that will, inevitably, come again.

I feel God’s presence all around me, rejoicing in this beautiful world of trees and sunshine. I feel touches of grace in the wild poppies beside the highway and the sight of the blue heron wading in the shallows of the lake. I am blessed with summer.

I like to think that summer is a  reminder of the promise that even on the darkest, coldest day of our lives, when it seems nothing will ever be bright again, that the love of the Creator is with us and sustains us. That Jesus walks with us, and the the Spirit comforts us.

Summer will always come again.



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