I Seek the True Vine

December 19


“I am the true vine, and my

Father is the vinedresser.” John 15:1


Years ago, I lived on a small acreage called Potluck Farm. Along with the farm came a small vineyard. If those words conjure up pictures of an acre or so of vines growing profusely on a sunny hillside, stop right there. My vineyard consisted of two rows of vines, planted in the backyard. There were twelve roots in all, but only ten were growing when I took over. The previous owner made it very clear to me that these were not just your usual common garden variety of grapevine – these were French hybrids, carefully grafted onto hardy Northern rootstock.

He handed me a bulging file folder of information and wished me luck. I think he knew I would need it when I realized that there’s a lot more to growing grape vines than simply picking the luscious fruit in the fall.

Those ten little vines received more care and attention than the rest of my gardens put together. They were lovingly covered up with hay and plastic for the winter, gently stretched out on their wire supports in the spring, carefully pruned and budded in the summer, and then joyfully harvested in the fall. Even though with all this care, there were branches which did not bear any fruit and had to be pruned away. If it hadn’t been for the sound rootstock, none of the vines would have survived. Without it, there would have been no branches, no fruit.

During this Christmas season, I am aware of my spiritual rootstock nourishing me and sustaining me. Being rooted in Jesus allows me to grow and flourish, regardless of my weaknesses and inadequacies. Even if I am dormant under a blanket of rushing and doing, the potential for growth is there.

I may feel overwhelmed by the world around me, but I know that when the time is right, the vinedresser will lovingly lift me up into the sunshine.


MEDITATION: God of all Growing Things, thank you for caring so lovingly for me. Thank you for knowing how to bring the best from me. Thank you for being with me on my journey. Amen.


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