I Seek the Mediator

December 18


“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between

 God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”  1 Timothy 2:5


Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m the only person left in the whole world who has the faintest idea what Christmas is all about. I listen to my children covetously perusing the flyers from the toy store; I listen to my co-workers complain about the crowded stores; I listen to my husband muttering under his breath as he tries to get the tree to stay upright; I listen to my neighbour complaining about the grocery boy who brought the wrong order. I listen to Santa’s hearty “Ho, ho, ho”. I listen to the P.A. in the store announcing the latest 15 minute special, to the sound of cash registers, Chipmunks’ Christmas and Frosty the Snowman.

I see the strained faces around me, the pinched mouths, the weary eyes, and I wonder what I’m doing here. I feel like a stranger, a sojourner, far from my home, lost and alone. I yearn for a kinder world, one which welcomes the coming of the King as a joyful celebration of love, not as an excuse for an over-the-top party of getting, getting and doing.

But…a small magical moment happens, telling me that this is home and I do belong here, and that the celebration is happening despite what I see and hear. They are small things, these moments, gentle mediations between myself and this world.

A kindergarten choir singing Away in a Manger, their small faces alight with the wonder and joy of the season.

The sound of bells ringing and a warm “God Bless You” from the Salvation Army worker standing by the kettle.

The smell of pine boughs and hot candle wax hanging heavy in the air during the choir concert.

The sight of snowflakes dusting the outdoor nativity scene on a downtown church lawn.

Such small things to tell me that others know the story as I do. Together these small moments become a powerful mediator between the crassness of our worldly Christmas and the holiness of the manger at Bethlehem. Each is a blessing from the One who stands to welcome me to the throne of God.


MEDITATION: Oh Lord, help me to see the small moments in my world that tell me that you are indeed Lord of all. Open my eyes to the blessings you have poured down upon me. Open my heart to those around you who seek you as I do. Amen.



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