Holding fast….

It’s been a tumultuous couple of days. Seldom have so many people around the world been so engaged in a political debate and vote. And when all is said and done, the old order is no more and the new order, an order that will have ramifications on all of us in ways that we cannot see, is here.

I walked down by our little lake this morning. It’s one of those sunny/cloudy days when the air is soft and the ground underfoot is still damp from last night’s rain. Even though it is November, little flowers are still peeking through the layers of golden leaves that litter the ground and the moss glows a vivid green that lifts the spirits and belies the coming winter.

The lake is calm and serene this early in the morning. The scudding clouds reflect on its still surface and only the browned reeds around the margins tell of the end of summer. Out in the middle, a flotilla of ducks are busy, diving and quacking, oblivious to my watching eyes. A lone heron paddles along the margin, and I can hear the busy conversations of a flock of finches in a nearby bush. I gasp in delight as the otter suddenly appears under the board walk, no more than a glimpse of brown shiny fur in the water, and then he is gone.

As I search for another sighting of the otter, I see one perfect white water lily. The rest of the lily pads and blossoms have already succumbed to the rising water of our rainy season, and to the slow drop in the lake temperature. But this one, this beautiful white bloom, brings to mind the verse, “Consider the lilies of the field…”

And I realize that in the great scheme of things, if we keep faith and continue to work to bring the Kingdom of God to our world, if we remember that our job is only to show the face of Love to all those around us, no more; that despite wars and uprisings, political upheavals and dissension and strife, if we are like the lilies, simply Being, not worrying or fighting, doubting or fearing, if we allow ourselves to rest in God’s glory and draw courage from it, we will have done all that is required in this time of unrest and disquiet.


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