Up Close and Personal…

I’m sure that you, like me, are constantly bombarded with photos, memes, cute posters and family portraits – often from people you don’t know – on your social media pages, in your email or popping up on newsfeeds. Most of the time, we don’t react other than to smile (or frown), perhaps passing along the best of them, but most definitely forgetting them a few minutes later.

That was the case with me until a friend, Heather Facey, received a macro lens for her camera and began to post her photos on her FB page. Suddenly, what I was seeing jolted me from my complacency. Now I was seeing amazing photos that were part of the experience of someone I knew. Photos like drops of water on a host flower took my breath away…


I was astounded when I realized that Heather had actually seen this through her lens. This wasn’t something she’d dreamed up, but a true representation of what was there – although never seen by most of us.

A whole world was happening just beyond my vision. In that world, there was a dragonfly sunning himself on a blade of grass.


And the stamens of a flower created a picture worthy of hanging in any art gallery in the country.


A bee, busy on his rounds, missed by our rush to get somewhere else, is a joy for our eyes.


Even something so familiar, yet so breathtaking beautiful as the patterns that the tide leaves on a sand beach, seen close-up look like a divine hand has carefully limned them.


Such glorious beauty all around us, hidden in plain sight.

Maybe it’s the Creator’s way of telling us to stop, to look closely, to see the wonders just outside our usual visual frame – wonders that remind us that this is a world of infinite design, from the whirl of a flower’s petals to the facets of a fly’s eye.

In these beautiful portraits, I find all the reassurance I need that there is a Creator and that there is a loving blueprint for our world.

I look at Heather’s photographs and I’m reminded of an old hymn:

“This is my Father’s world;

I rest me in the thought:

Of rocks and trees and skies and seas,

His hand these wonders wrought.”


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2 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal…

  1. This piece is timely Pat as I was out walking today with my 2-year old grandson. Seeing the world through his eyes is really amazing – a bee on a little tiny fir tree (wonder what it was doing there) a squished bug that probably 20 people have stepped on but we pondered about what kind of bug it might have been, a ball hidden under some shrubs, probably dropped by a dog, and wondering whether the dog would miss it when it went to sleep tonight. The world is indeed a totally different place when you walk with someone who takes the time to see all the wonder around us.

    Cindy Roy



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