Some Thoughts on “She’s Back!”

My friend, Vicki Cameron, sent me an interesting take on the previous posting. I thought you’d enjoy her comments and perhaps, will find yourself thinking of a time when you took time for yourself and found God waiting for you.

Here’s what Vicki has to say:

“I read the posting titled “She’s Back!” and was paused by the references to the abundant life, and how we allow all sorts of life things to bog us down, so we are continually doing for others instead of doing for ourselves.

My husband and I go on a cruise about once a year. The thing about cruising is you have to let go of your life. There is no phone, no email, no Wi-Fi, no newspaper, no television. Our entire lives come to a halt to accommodate our travel plans. In general, people don’t seem to begrudge us this holiday. After all, everyone is entitled to a holiday.

Wonderful things happen to us while we are away. We focus on things that are important to us, in real time. We read, go to the enrichment lectures, meet new people from other countries. Our favourite trips are the long Transatlantic voyages, usually from Florida to England. Fourteen days incommunicado.

There is usually a seven of eight day stretch in there when we are at sea. There are no ports.

An interesting thing happens. We go out on the deck and look around. There is nothing but sky and sea, in all directions. Stand there for a while and stare at the water, and you realize just how huge our world is. You can feel the warmth of God shining down on you and lapping around the ship. There is nothing out there except God.

So even though the revolutionary words of “I’m doing this for myself” seem wrong, seem to rub against all we have been taught about helping our fellow man, this ‘doing for myself’ action takes us to a different place. A place of communion with God we would not have had if we had stayed at home.”



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